Warrior Poet Society MOLLE Double Belt : The Best Overall War Belt

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Today, Cody joins me as we review the Warrior Poet Society MOLLE Double Belt Rig belt and see how it compares as one of the best war belts available.

We have it decked out with custom pouches from Grim Hunter Tactical Gear, Blue force gear, and esstac kywi mag pouches.

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Blue Force Gear Trauma kit now!

Bllue Force Gear small dump pouch

Esstac Short mag pouch

Esstac Pistol pouch

Safariland QLS

Safariland UBL mid-ride

Safariland 6360 holster

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The Warrior Poet Society MOLLE Double Belt Rig is the same belt as the Blue Alpha Gear Molle double belt rig. Throughout the video we refer to them interchangeably, but just know the Blue alpha gear molle double belt rig and the Warrior Poet Society molle double belt rig are the same belt. But the Warrior Poet Society molle double belt rig does come with pretty sweet branding.

The Warrior Poet Society MOLLE Double belt rig is a 2 piece battle belt that uses and inner and outer belt system. The inner belt that comes with the setup is a standard overlap belt but you have the option to upgrade to the low profile/EDC inner belt for only $10 dollars.

The upgraded low profile/EDC inner belt is highly recommended as it makes adjusting the belt far easier than the standard overlap belt. If you want to transition to inside waistband carry, you can just unhook one side and loosen the belt and slide in any type of holster. Then you simply pull tight again to cinch down the belt. The standard overlap belt is much more cumbersome and annoying to adjust.

The low profile/EDC inner belt is a fantastic belt option to wear for everyday carry or as the connection point if you were to donn the Warrior Poet Society MOLLE Double Belt rig.

The Warrior Poet Society MOLLE Double belt rig can also be purchased in a non-MOLLE version. We recommend the MOLLE version as it offers a better way to connect pouches to the belt while still maintaining the rigidity of the belt system.

The Warrior Poet Society MOLLE Double belt rig is setup with a Safariland drop leg and uses the safariland QLS system to attach all sorts of holsters. Without the QLS, you would lose a lot of functionality of being able to swap between belts. For this belt, the holster used is the Safariland 6360 RDS which allows for a Sig Sauer P320 with both a light and red dot optic.

The medical pouch currently installed is the Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit NOW. We highly recommend if you run this belt that you purchase the medical kit from Blue Force Gear as it fits better in the pouch. We had purchased a SIRK 2.0 from North American Rescue and had a difficult time getting all of the required gear into the pouch. The pouch also wasn’t exactly what Cody was looking for, so he ordered a medical pouch enclosure from Grim Hunter Tactical Gear.

We teamed up with Grim hunter tactical to designed a medical pouch enclosure for a standard 6×6 pouch. The medical enclosure has a tourniquet holder on the top, a velcro patch, and slots for pens, glowsticks, or medical devices. I love this setup because it sits flatter on my back and can be easily removed. I can take the medical kit off and throw it in a bag or just clip it right back into my belt in just a second. It’s also very easy to take off if you’re riding in a vehicle and you can toss your medical pouch in a cargo pocket.

The dump pouch on the belt is the Blue Force Gear Ten-speed ultralight dump pouch.

The mag pouches are individual Esstac kywi mag pouches with two pistol and one M4 magazine pouch. By using all of the pouches individually, you are able to attach them to the belt easier and you don’t have to worry about the MOLLE not lining up like with the 2+1 Gap pouches. Additionally, you can add or remove mag pouches as your mission set changes. The 2+1 setup locks you into that configuration.

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