Best tummy shape wear & Body engineer dupe leggings // Amazon & Aliexpress review & Try on

Crazy tummy control Corsett leggings and Bodyengineer dupe leggings. Mixed Aliexpress and amazon haul for todays Hit or miss monday video.

PS: Make sure to watch in HD 1080p (most of the time the automatic quality is just 720p)

Amazon Aoxjox store Code for 10% off “6LHHNAS6”
Aoxjox worldwide website Code for 10% off “denice10″‘

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→Aoxjox Shapewear corsett leggings:

→Aliexpress seamless sets (Bodyengineer dupe):

Underwear I wear in try on (I wear seamless low raise super thin in nude size M:
→ Bubblelime Sports Thongs:
→ Youtube review:


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Link Monstor store:

Link Shinbene store:


→Amazon Aoxjox store: (Klick on “Visit the Aoxjox store” to see all avalible clothes)
Code for 10% off “6LHHNAS6”

→Aoxjox worldwide website:
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→Famme fitness:
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→Queenie kee:
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My measurements
Waist: 67cm
Tummy: 80cm (5 cm under belly button)
Hips: 103cm
Chest: 93cm
Under chest: 68 cm (for bra size guide)
Thighs: 58-59cm
Leg inner seam: 76 cm (down to lower ancle)

I am 178cm (i think that is 5’10) tall

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